Woody Allen's 'Tall Dark Stranger' falters at box office

A lonely 'Stranger'

Not many moviegoers are interested in meeting Woody Allen's "Tall Dark Stranger."

The veteran writer-director's latest film, "You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger," starring Antonio Banderas and Josh Brolin, has turned out to be one of his least popular.

After six weeks in theaters, including an expansion to more than 400 theaters across the country last weekend, Allen's latest has sold only $2.4-million worth of tickets. Receipts dropped a mild 17% this weekend, indicating some positive word-of-mouth, but the decline was from a weak base.

As it continues to lose theaters over the next few weeks, "Stranger" will likely end up with a final gross of between $3 million and $3.5 million.

That would make it one of Allen's worst-performing films ever, save for 2008's "Cassandra's Dream," which was only released in 107 theaters by the financially struggling Weinstein Co. and generated just under $1 million.

Since 1992, only one of Allen's 16 pictures grossed less than $3.5 million: 2003's "Anything Else," starring Jason Biggs, which ended up with $3.2 million.

Ben Fritz

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