Six Flags Discovery Kingdom to add tower swing ride for 2011

Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

Next year is shaping up as the year of the tower swing ride, with variations of the thrill ride heading to six theme parks — and counting.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, Calif., on Thursday announced plans for a 150-foot-tall SkyScreamer tower swing ride for spring 2011.

SkyScreamer will be in the front of the park and rise to a height equal to Discovery Kingdom’s tallest roller coaster, the floorless Medusa.

The open-air swings, similar to classic wave swinger rides, will accommodate 32 riders. The swings will spin as they ascend the tower, reaching 43 miles per hour.


Discovery Kingdom is the second Six Flags park to announce a SkyScreamer ride for 2011. The Six Flags St. Louis version will tower 236 feet in the air.

Four Cedar Fair parks — Knott’s Berry Farm (California), Cedar Point (Ohio), Kings Island (Ohio) and Canada’s Wonderland (Ontario) — will add identical 300-foot-tall Windseeker tower swing rides in 2011 made by a different manufacturer.