Jerry Brown: at a glance

Jerry Brown

Age: 72

Born: April 7, 1938

Birthplace: San Francisco


City of residence: Oakland

Personal: married to Anne Gust

Education: Bachelor’s degree in the classics from UC Berkeley, 1961; Law degree, Yale University, 1964


Party: Democratic

Platform: Promises honesty in the budget process, no tax increases unless approved by voters and a return of authority and decision-making to cities, counties and local schools. Create 500,000 new jobs through green technology. Expand charter schools and loosen spending restrictions on local school districts so state money could be spent where districts need it most. Reform state pensions by increasing employee contributions, renegotiating pension benefits for new employees and establishing independent oversight of pension funds.


Occupation: California attorney general


Previous positions: California secretary of state, 1971-75; California governor, 1975-83; state Democratic Party chairman, 1989-91; mayor of Oakland, 1998-2006; attorney general, 2007 to present. Ran unsuccessfully for president in 1976, 1980 and 1992.

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