Wine of the Week: 2008 Arnaldo Caprai Grechetto ‘Grecante’


2008 Arnaldo Caprai Grechetto “Grecante”

Arnaldo Caprai is better known for his intense Montefalco rosso than for his whites, so this lyrical wine comes as a surprise. Made from 100% Grechetto, an indigenous grape, it is crisp and refreshing, all delicate flowers on the nose, with notes of lime and grapefruit. Who knew the vines around the Umbrian hilltop town could produce a knockout white like this?

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Of course, grilled or sautéed fish and shrimp is a natural. I’d also pair it with steamed mussels with celery or a spaghetti with clams. If you’re nostalgic for veal scalloppine, this is the wine.

—S. Irene Virbila

Quick swirl

Region: Colli dei Maratani, Umbria, Italy


Price: From $15 to $20

Style: Crisp and minerally

What it goes with: grilled or sautéed fish and shrimp, veal

Where to find it: San Antonio Winery in Los Angeles, (323) 223-1401, https://www.sanantoniowinery.com; Vendome Liquors in Beverly Hills, (310) 276-9463, Toluca Lake, (818) 766-9593, and North Hollywood, (818) 766-9593,; Wally’s Wine & Spirits in West Los Angeles, (310) 475-0606, https://www.wallywine.com; and Wine Exchange in Orange, (714) 974-1454, https://www.winex.com