Obama launches reelection campaign with email, Web video

Los Angeles Times

President Obama on Monday kicked off his reelection campaign with a quiet video posting rather than the usual hoopla.

In addition to the video, titled “It Begins With Us,” the Obama campaign sent an email to supporters announcing the drive for 2012. The announcement had been expected and was signaled in reports throughout the weekend.

Obama pledged to focus on his job but will pick up the tempo of campaigning this month with several fundraisers. The campaign is hoping to raise a record $1 billion.

Obama is scheduled to be in Washington on Monday, emphasizing his on-the-job strategy. Recent polls show Obama’s job approval ahead of those of Presidents Clinton and George W. Bush when they decided to run again.


At least 15 Republicans have indicated some degree of interest in opposing Obama.

In his campaign, Obama will stress the economy, healthcare reform and efforts to wind down wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Though unemployment has been dropping, it remains high, giving the GOP an opening to attack job-creation efforts.

Healthcare still remains controversial, with polls showing a sizable portion of the electorate opposing the law. Conservative Republicans are trying to block funding for the law.

On the foreign fronts, Obama has decreased the number of troops in Iraq, but there are still tens of thousands of Americans there. Obama has pledged to end the combat mission in Afghanistan, but withdrawal of some troops is still months away.

Sure to be an issue is Obama’ s decision to support an international no-fly zone in Libya. The GOP has complained that he moved too slowly. The president’s campaign website is at