Timeline of L.A. recycling

Timeline: Recycling in L.A.

1983: Home recycling pilot program starts

1989: State sets goal of 50% municipal waste to be recycled and diverted from landfills by 2000

1990: Yellow bin accepts glass bottles, aluminum and tin cans, and plastic bottles labeled “1" and “2"; newspapers are tied in bundles and set next to the bin


1993: Green bin added for compostable yard waste

1994: “Single-stream” pilot program allows participants to mix paper, food packaging and cardboard with glass, metal and 1 and 2 plastics in new blue bins

1997: Blue bins are rolled out citywide

2004: Metal hangers and plastics numbered 3 to 7 added to blue bin

2005: Plastic bags added to blue bin

2007: Polystyrene containers, packaging and other plastic commonly called Styrofoam added to blue bins

2011: In L.A., 65% of household waste is recycled

— Susan Carpenter