President Obama to take questions on Twitter next week

President Obama, who has pushed the envelope in using social media, will hold a town hall-style event on Twitter, the White House announced Thursday.

The event, to focus on the economy and jobs, will be held at 2 p.m. EDT on July 6, spokesman Jay Carney announced at his televised briefing. Questions for the event will be marked with the hashtag followed by “AskObama” (#AskObama).

A video feed of the president’s answers will be streamed online.

The White House said Twitter staffers will sort the questions and winnow down the queries to representational choices, Carney said.


The White House Twitter account has 2.2 million followers and Obama’s personal Twitter feed has 8.9 million followers. Obama has himself tweeted at times.

At the end of April, the White House held a town-hall style event at Facebook, the social media company.

The event is part of the White House’s push on jobs and the economy, which polls said is considered to be the top issue in the election.