Test: Jeremy Lin highlights

Lin was practically a one-man highlight show against the Lakers, burning Kobe Bryant & Co. with fancy spin moves in the paint and pinpoint perimeter shooting.

It was quite the breakout performance for a player who a little more than a week ago was a relative unknown among most NBA fans.

Until Lin saw the first significant playing time of his career in a 25-point effort against New Jersey on Feb. 4, he was just another NBA bench warmer -- a guy used more as a general manager's roster play chip than a bonafide contributor on the floor. Even the Lakers looked into the possibility of acquiring Lin for a reserve role at the start of the season.

But can Lin keep this up? A lot of upset Lakers fans would like to think he can't, but "Lin-sanity" has certainly affected the Knicks' courtside contingent. Here's what filmmaker and longtime Knicks fan Spike Lee tweeted after the game:

"Jeremy 'Kobe Wuz Smokin' But I Wasn't Joke-'Lin. Tonight Was NO FLUKE. I Seen It Wit' My Own 4 EYES. JLin Is LEGIT.NBA DEAL WITH IT."

Usually a player has made it when he has his own celebrity trash talker but what do you think? Is Lin a here-today-gone-tomorrow talent carried by Tim Tebow-like sensationalism or is he poised to become one of the biggest surprises of the season?

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