Will Celtics’ Rajon Rondo regret accusing Heat of crying? [Poll]

Rajon Rondo was just telling us what we already knew about the Miami Heat — those guys do a lot of crying.

Heat Coach Eric Spoelstra basically admitted as much last year when he said that there was some crying in the locker room during a losing streak.

So why should anyone care that Rondo, the Boston Celtics’ point guard, pointed out during a halftime interview on ESPN that Miami’s players were “complaining and crying to the referees in transition.”

OK, maybe reporter Doris Burke might care that Rondo really didn’t answer her question (“What holes were you guys exploiting?”). But surely nobody on the Heat roster would mind that they are being called crybabies yet again, right?


Even if they somehow caught wind of Rondo’s comment during the intermission, there’s no way that motivated them to rally from a 14-point halftime deficit to force overtime before ultimately losing, 93-91. Nor will it give them a even a little extra boost when the series, now tied at 2-2, returns to Miami on Tuesday night.


Rondo didn’t seem to think so — or at least he didn’t care. Either way, he didn’t back down from his earlier statement during another ESPN interview following the game: “What I said was true. I don’t take back what I said. That’s what it is.”

Do you think Rondo will regret saying what he did about the Heat in the middle of an intense conference final series? Or will his own team rally behind his words? Vote in the poll, then leave a comment explaining why you voted the way you did.


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