Taxes Can Be Fun, Says CEO

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Tax Relief Advocates is breaking the mold by showing the nation how to toss out any preconceived notions about taxes


We are advocates in an industry that is desperate for transformation and understanding.

Our mission is to advocate, educate and empower people far and wide through the power of creative strategy, relentless ambition, genuine empathy and unrivaled integrity. We are committed to making a fundamental difference in lives across the nation, by giving the knowledge and support directly to the taxpayers to help them save and earn more money than they ever thought was possible. As a company we do not start with your taxes, we start with your dreams.

At TRA, we’ve cracked the code in creating an environment where our team thrives, and our clients reap the rewards. Tax Relief Advocates began its journey in 2018 and has quickly grown from 20 employees to over 450 employees in a fiveyear time frame. In 2022, TRA was awarded Inc. 5000’s No. 1 “Fastest Growing Company in the Pacific Region” and No. 10 in the entire nation. Additionally, it was awarded as No. 218 of the fastest growing companies in the nation in 2023.

TRA was also the recipient of the Irvine Chamber of Commerce’s 2022 “Business of the Year” honor. These remarkable achievements owe their existence to our CEO, Lindsay Oglesby. An exceptional leader, she not only excels in the tax resolution industry but also strongly believes in giving back to the community and recognizing the contributions of our invaluable employees who make all of this a reality.

Under her visionary leadership, TRA has proudly received the prestigious “Great Places to Work” certification for three consecutive years - 2021, 2022 and 2023. Oglesby’s unwavering commitment to the highest standards of business ethics led to TRA being awarded the esteemed BBB Torch Award for Ethics in 2021, an honor bestowed on companies only once every three years. Adding to her accolades, she was honored with the “Women of Influence Executive Award” by the Greater Irvine Chamber of Commerce in 2023.

Oglesby’s leadership serves as a powerful example that diligence and dedication pave the path to endless possibilities. As she champions, “Taxes can be fun!” - a sentiment that resonates not only with our esteemed clients but also with our cherished employees.

Here is the “secret sauce” that makes TRA what it is:

Passion is Contagious: When our team members are excited about their work, that enthusiasm naturally extends to client interactions. With enthusiastic phone calls to engaging presentations, the positive energy permeates into the work we do, making clients feel valued and appreciated.

Empathy Takes Center Stage: Our team members genuinely care about client needs, making it a point to go the extra mile to understand challenges and provide tailored solutions. This approach led by compassion strengthens client relationships and builds trust.

Communication Shines Bright: TRA makes it a point to have communication flow freely and transparently with both internal leadership and our clients. Team members are eager to share their ideas and provide updates, address concerns, and celebrate successes with clients. This clear and open dialogue ensures that clients are always in the loop.

A Client-Centric Mindset: The heartbeat of our work culture is a client-centric mindset. Every decision, action, and innovation is driven by the desire to enhance client success. Our team’s dedication continually shines through in the exceptional experiences we provide.

Ultimately, an upbeat work culture isn’t just about having fun; it’s a strategic approach that directly impacts employee and client satisfaction.

At TRA, our employees contribute to every facet of our success, forming the bridge between our vision and reality. Our team is given the opportunity to transform ideas into action and aspirations into achievements.

The exceptional teamwork, resilience and passion for excellence has set the foundation for our continued growth. We recognize that each success story is a testament to their efforts and take pride in celebrating their contributions.

As we journey forward, we’re not just building a company - we’re building a community of empowered individuals who understand that their roles are integral to our collective triumphs. Our employees are not just part of our success; they are the very reason for it.