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“Our clients both expect and deserve results. ... And they should. We are passionate about our clients’ causes, and quite frankly, we want to prevail.”- Claery and Hammond, LLP

Currently in its third decade, Claery and Hammond, LLP has become a colossal force within the family law industry. The multi award-winning family law firm maintains an aggressive and client-focused approach. Partners Lance Claery and Eli V. Hammond have built a solid litigation team by handpicking aggressive, smart, and empathetic attorneys. Stellar academic backgrounds, confident mindsets, and creative problem solving skills are are just a few of this litigation team’s qualities. Every associate is not only passionate about the law but well prepared - educationally and practically -- to meet their clients’ needs.

Lance Claery’s interest in family law was sparked during an internship at the University of Maryland. He assisted multiple families who were living in poverty create educational programs for their children. “During my internship, I saw that the families we were working with really needed help with their legal issues, and that’s what turned me on to the law. The same holds true today. When clients come to us, they’re going through a rough period in their life, and they deserve to have someone on their side.” Claery has worked with a diverse client base ranging across the economic spectrum. Maintaining the diversity is important to him. He is an active member of the University of Maryland Alumni Association and Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School.

Partner Eli Hammond knew from the start of his legal career that family law was his passion. “A desire to help others has always been a strong inner voice for me and I have happily done the work it takes to be the best attorney possible,” says Hammond. He has become a California Certified Family Law Specialist. Hammond has handled thousands of family law matters and represented “A list” film and television stars, reality TV personalities, renown musicians, millionaire executives and business owners. Further, Hammond has vast experience with divorces and family law matters involving NFL and NBA athletes with enormous endorsements. Hammond is an “E! Entertainment” television divorce authority. He is continually active in the University of California, McGeorge School of Law and Johns Hopkins University educational communities.

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