Cary Elwes writing a book on making ‘The Princess Bride’

Cary Elwes is writing a book about the making of the film “The Princess Bride.” Elwes, who played the dashing hero Westley, will publish the book in the fall of 2014 with Touchstone. Its title is bound to charm the film’s fans: “As You Wish: Tales from the Princess Bride.”

“It was a joy to work on such a magical film with an amazing cast of talented actors and friends,” Elwes said in a release about the book. “It will be great fun to revisit ‘The Princess Bride’ and to share my fond memories of the unforgettable experience we all had.”

Elwes was inspired to write the book after joining the cast for a 25th anniversary screening last year in New York. In addition to his own stories, the book will include recollections from cast members Billy Crystal, Robin Wright, Carol Kane, Christopher Guest, Chris Sarandon and Wallace Shawn, and William Goldman, who wrote the book and screenplay.

Rob Reiner, who directed the 1987 film, will pen a forward for “As You Wish” (for those who don’t know the film, the phrase is Westley’s refrain when talking to his love, Princess Buttercup, played by Wright). There is a co-author for the book, writer Joe Layden.

No word yet on whether Elwes will follow “As You Wish” with a memoir of starring in the horror film “Saw.”



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