Holiday book gift guide: Graphic novels
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Holiday book gift guide: Graphic novels

Woman Rebel
The Margaret Sanger Story

Peter Bagge
Drawn and Quarterly, $21.95

An illustrated biography of the influential birth control activist, sex educator and nurse Margaret Sanger from the creator of the “Hate” comics.

 (Drawn and Quarterly)

The Encyclopedia of Early Earth
A Novel

Isabel Greenberg
Little, Brown, $23

This debut graphic novel features a series of enchanting linked fables about an impossible love story and a forgotten civilization.

 (Little, Brown and Company)

The Children of Palomar

Gilbert Hernandez
Fantagraphics, $22.99

In this trilogy of tales, Hernandez returns to the fictional Central American town of Palomar, where the magical and the mundane coexist.


The Castle

Franz Kafka, adapted by David Zane Mairowitz, illustrated by Jaromír 99
Self Made Hero/Abrams, $19.95 paper

An illustrated adaptation of Kafka’s unfinished final novel about a land surveyor sent to a remote castle and repeatedly denied access.

 (Abrams Books)

Blue Is the Warmest Color

Julie Maroh, translated by Ivanka Hahnenberger
Arsenal Pulp, $19.95 paper

A high-school student finds herself drawn to a beautiful young woman in this love story recently adapted into a Palme d’Or-winning film.

 (Arsenal Pulp Press)

Rage of Poseidon

Anders Nilsen
Drawn and Quarterly, $29.99

A darkly humorous anthology of tales putting a modern twist on Greek myths and Christian religious stories.

 (Drawn and Quarterly)

Hip Hop Family Tree

Ed Piskor
Fantagraphics, $24.99 paper

This volume collects Piskor’s comic strips about the formative years of hip-hop, originally serialized on the website Boing Boing.


Battling Boy

Paul Pope
First Second, $24.99

A young demigod with superpowers imbued by a stack of magical T-shirts becomes the unlikely protector of a city besieged by monsters.

 (First Second Books)

Bad Houses

Sara Ryan and Carla Speed McNeil
Dark Horse, $19.99 paper

Two teenagers excavate the secrets of their hometown, a crumbling Oregon logging community, and their own families.

 (Dark Horse)

The Great War
July 1, 1916: The First Day of the Battle of the Somme

Joe Sacco
W. W. Norton & Company, $35 boxed

The creator of “Safe Area Gorazde” depicts the staggering bloodshed of one of World War I’s costliest battles via a wordless 24-foot-long accordion-fold panorama.

 (W. W. Norton & Company)


Jeff Smith
Cartoon, $39.95

A full-color omnibus of Smith’s serial noir about an ex-military physicist who discovers Nikola Tesla’s journals and becomes an interdimensional art thief.

 (Cartoon Books)

The Best American Comics 2013

Edited by Jeff Smith, Jessica Abel and Matt Madden
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, $25

A showcase of established and emerging comics artists, culled from graphic novels, pamphlet comics, newspapers, magazines, mini-comics and Web comics.

 (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)