Do not hop on pop! Dr. Seuss book challenged for ‘violence’ in Canada

Who doesn't love "Hop on Pop"?
(Random House Childrens Books)

And you thought your parents were crazy.

A Toronto citizen challenged the Dr. Seuss children’s classic “Hop on Pop” for “encourag[ing] children to use violence against their fathers,” Time reports.

The complainant asserted that Toronto’s public libraries should issue a formal apology to the fathers of Toronto, and then “pay for damages resulting from the book.”

The news came to light in a year-end report by the library system, which paid no damages, issued no apology and, in fact, allowed “Hop on Pop” to remain on library shelves, where it has been since 1963.


Dr. Seuss’ silly rhymes and distinct visual style have made his books popular with generations of kids. At the time of his death in 1991, his books had sold more than 200 million copies.

And, not to start any dangerous rumors, but there is also a pop-up version of “Hop on Pop.”


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