Man vs. Novel: Bear Grylls’ big book deal

Bear Grylls, the British-born survivalist and star of the reality television show “Man vs. Wild,” has done many crazy and dangerous things in his life.

He’s circled the British Isles on a Jet Ski, been nearly paralyzed in a parachuting accident, climbed Mt. Everest, and once staged an open-air dinner party in a hot-air balloon at 25,000 feet. Now he’s doing something equally bold and foolhardy (and also very lucrative). He’s writing novels.

Grylls has won a seven-figure deal to write a series of adventure books. According to the Guardian, each book will see a hero, Dan Ranger, “embark upon a ground-breaking expedition--one with quest-like, historical detective overtones – working out of his corporate and charitable headquarters aboard the MV Global Challenger.”


Previously, Grylls has penned more than a dozen books, including the autobiography “Mud, Sweat and Tears,” self-help books such as “A Survival Guide for Life,” and children’s books, such as the multi-volume series “Mission Survival.”

Grylls will write the books in collaboration with former war reporter and thriller author Damien Lewis. Orion Books of the U.K. paid more than $1.5 million (1 million British pounds) for the series, the Guardian reported.

The novels will “combine the best of Bond, Bourne and Indiana Jones in one gripping series of books,” Grylls said in a statement.

Ned Hepburn of Esquire said the deal with give the Grylls brand a much-needed boost, following the Discovery Channel’s decision to drop the series in 2012.

“If a guy who drinks his own urine can’t catch a break, none of us will,” Hepburn wrote.


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