Join us Tuesday for a video chat with Margaret Atwood

Please join us for a special video conversation with Margaret Atwood on Tuesday at 11 a.m. Pacific time. Atwood has combined speculative fiction and politics -- feminism, environmentalism -- in stories that have been funny, frightening, and even prescient in books like “The Handmaid’s Tale” and “The Year of the Flood.”

Although Atwood is 72, she has been quick to embrace many of the new forms of storytelling enabled by technology and the Internet -- before many decades-younger novelists.

She has more than 350,000 Twitter followers, and tweets like this -- “Waving on way to Vancouver. Thrashing around in the word saltmines... The Future, The Past, Zombies, and More were discussed at #Princeton” -- show that she’s learned the lingo. Later this month she has a collaboratively written zombie story coming up on Wattpad, the teen-focused writing community.

Atwood will talk about an exciting project, her serial novel “Positron,” being published by Byliner. “Positron” has two installments so far -- and no one is sure how many it will have in the end. That’s because Atwood is allowing reader feedback to help shape the story.


“Positron” Part 1, “I’m Starved for You,” is the No. 2 bestselling Byliner original, one spot ahead of Jon Krakauer’s “Three Cups of Deceit,” the sensational story about Greg Mortenson’s popular charity. An excerpt of the second installment, “Choke Collar,” provides some background about sex robots called “prostibots.” The excerpt is safe for work, but be warned: Byliner describes the serial as “steamy.”

We’ll ask Atwood about technology, storytelling, and about her previous novels, too. Tweet your questions to @LATimesbooks.


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