How a cool pen helped Demetri Martin procrastinate

Before he started his latest book, Demetri Martin got a really nice pen.

It wasn't a regular pen, he said, but "a really fancy pen to do the drawings," Martin, the stand-up comedian, writer and actor, said Sunday afternoon at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.

"I bought like 40 different little nibs," lots of special ink and a wide variety of paper, Martin said. "That was probably two or three weeks, I spent $500 to $600.... I was just procrastinating."


But "it doesn't look any different after all that," he lamented. "It was just an expensive way to waste some time."

"Point Your Face At This" is Martin's new book of drawings. As for its publication, the comedian says that he's happy that it exists. "It's nice because it's an actual physical object," Martin said, later adding that "you can burn it if you're cold."

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