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Best Real Estate Company: Hanold Properties

Best Real Estate Company: Hanold Properties
The Hanold Properties Team (Hanold Properties)

We want to extend our love and gratitude for the support that led to the dual recognition of "Orange County's Best 2017" Real Estate Company and "Orange County's Best 2017" Real Estate Agent or Team.

We have gained many clients and friendships along the way, and we share this honor with them.

Hanold Properties was formed by our father, George M. Hanold, former Vietnam paratrooper with 50 jumps in Vietnam, former NYPD, an MBA degree and pioneer in co-branding credit cards.

We are a family owned and operated company providing concierge-level service to our clients, resolutely standing behind our commitment to their success.


We are powerful negotiators with outside-of-the-box solutions, relentless in accomplishing the assignment given us, battle tested, serving people not money. Our clients' success is proven repeatedly, including through multiple record-breaking sales this year.

It is a big encouragement and compliment when top-performing commercial real estate brokers, developers and investors trust in us as their representation not only on their investments, but on their personal home acquisitions and sales.

Our passion is representing the interests of the people of our community in their real estate dealings.

We are fierce negotiators who work for you. We go to bat for our clients, even when up against the "Banksters."

We consider ourselves matchmakers, bringing buyers and sellers together.

--Hanold Properties