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Reach the Sky with Only in Vegas Heliyoga Experience

Reach the Sky with Only in Vegas Heliyoga Experience
Mountaintop helicopter yoga? Vegas has you covered. (Silent Savasana)

We all know that what happens here stays here. Deeper exploration of that mantra reveals that visitors to Las Vegas loosen up when they land in the desert, whether they sip, game, club or explore. To truly get loose and to have a once-in-a-lifetime trip, give yoga via chopper a chance.

Combine a luxury helicopter experience and yoga and achieve next-level bliss out with HeliYoga: Limitless. Take a flight on a Maverick helicopter over to Valley of Fire State Park, land on one of the highest peaks, only accessible by this mode of transportation, and almost touch the sky with a 75-minute session of Silent Savasana. With every exhale and inhale, the colors of the landscape seem to burst around you into vivid, organic shapes.

The two-and-a-half hour excursion can accommodate up to six people plus one instructor and will set you back $3,499 total. If you don't have a group but want the experience, individual packages are also available that will match you with other yoga enthusiasts.

Included in the package is limo coach transportation to Maverick's hub, a walk-about to explore the remote point and a session by a certified Silent Savasana yoga instructor, yoga mat from Lululemon at Fashion Show Mall, water and a champagne toast.


Created by Dray Gardner, during each class geared toward students of all levels — teaching balance, discipline, strength and focus — participants wear wireless headphones to hear a custom song playlist and narration.

The flight is gorgeous. Once outside the city limits, the landscapes, and the view become natural, with some of Nevada's most beautiful and untamed scenery passing below the aircraft. Returning, the Maverick helicopters soar over the Las Vegas Strip, offering an unmatched sights of the city's hotel and resort landmarks.

Silent Savasana is known for their outrageous yoga experiences on the Strip, which make a wake up and stretch session so "only in Vegas." Try "Yoga in the Sky," an eye-popping, half-hour experience on the High Roller observation wheel that'll have you saying "om."

-Melinda Sheckells, Custom Publishing Writer