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Morimoto opens first Vegas venture, located at MGM Grand

In October, fans of Chef Masaharu Morimoto had the opportunity to experience his newest restaurant concept Morimoto in Las Vegas. Morimoto's MGM Grand Location includes a diverse set of experiences from fine dining teppan to sushi and more. The restaurant even boasts a glass encaced Kobe Room. 

Morimoto spoke to the Vegas Guide via email about his newest venture.

Please explain a little about your new restaurant concept. What can diners expect to experience?

The basic concept is the same with my other locations but the local culture is reflected in the restaurant's ambience, menu and overall vibe. Morimoto Las Vegas has my first Teppan table and the menu is filled with creativity. Please try it. My team is going to give everything it has to compete with the energy of Las Vegas.

For longtime fans of your cuisine, will there be any favorites featured on the menu?

I consider our sushi the best in Las Vegas. We care deeply about the quality of fish we receive. We also polish our rice in-house every day, so we’ll have the freshest and tastiest rice to match the highest quality of fish. Morimoto Las Vegas also features more meat compared to my other restaurants, so I recommend that our guests try some of the meat dishes as well.

From where did you draw your inspiration for this menu and restaurant design?

I don't say much about restaurant designs — I like to leave that to the experts — but I did request a powerful architectural style that is inspired by Japanese shrines and temples.

What are some key design features within the restaurant?

Design elements that are inspired by shrines and temples in Kyoto, Nara and Kamakura.

What is the best response you've received from someone who has eaten your food for the first time?

When guests say “I’ll be back” and are satisfied not only with the food but with the whole experience as a result of our successful teamwork. That is hard to beat! 

— Lesley Nickus, LA Times Custom Publishing