Netflix is testing an instant scene-replay feature

The digital entertainment streaming company says it hasn't decided whether the new replay feature will become permanent.
(Elise Amendola / Associated Press)

Did that scene in “Black Panther” or “Stranger Things” wow you so much that you wanted to stop everything and instantly rewatch it?

A new feature being tested by Netflix could give viewers the ability to do exactly that.

Netflix has recently begun user testing on an instant scene-replay feature that allows subscribers to pause a movie or TV show and rewind a scene, all at the click of a remote or tap of the screen.


The pop-up feature appears on screen after certain scenes and is available only on a selection of the service’s vast library of original and licensed content.

The Los Gatos, Calif.-based digital streaming giant confirmed that it is trying out the feature but added that it hasn’t decided whether it will become a permanent user capability.

“We’re trying out a feature which gives Netflix members the ability to rewatch favorite scenes and memorable moments with the click of a button,” said a Netflix spokesperson. “Right now we’re just looking to learn from it and may or may not roll it out more broadly in the future.”

Most digital streaming devices already allow consumers to rewind and fast-forward. Netflix’s new feature offers a more sophisticated version of that functionality by replaying whole scenes or sequences with one click or tap.

Netflix declined to provide more details on the duration of the test or the kind of feedback it was receiving.

Some subscribers have taken to social media to debate the feature, with some saying that it is disruptive and intrusive to the viewing experience.


An anonymous Reddit user who had seen the new Netflix original movie “Dumplin’criticized the new feature for “devaluing film.”

Netflix rolls out new features on a regular basis. This year, the service introduced “smart downloads,” which deletes a TV episode when the user is finished watching it, and then automatically downloads the next episode. The company also began offering a new user interface for TVs that is intended to improve navigation.