Net neutrality: Telecom firms prepare to unleash the lawyers

David Lazarus runs down the day’s top consumer stories on KTLA-TV Channel 5.

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Here’s what went down on Friday’s Consumer Confidential segment on KTLA-TV:

Net neutrality. Now that the Federal Communications Commission has approved new rules for online content and privacy, phone and cable companies have wasted no time releasing the kraken. Comcast, AT&T and Verizon Communications each say lengthy litigation will follow final adoption of the rules this summer. If you can’t beat ‘em, the companies seem to be saying, sue ‘em.

New cars. Is a new car worth the money? Not according to Consumer Reports, which notes that most cars are worth only about half their original value after just three years. Better to improve the vehicle you have or to buy a newer used car. I agree. So-called pre-owned vehicles, with dealer warranties, can make a lot of sense.

Google porn. Earlier this week, Google said it didn’t want bloggers on its blogging site to post naughty bits. No more nudity, in other words. Bloggers rebelled, blogging their discontent. And you know what? Google relented. The company now says it’s OK to post nudity on blogs -- as long as it’s not for commercial purposes and is done tastefully. Good luck with that.


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