Democrats like Jeeps, Republicans go BMW and more brand clashes

Democrats and Republicans can’t even agree on brands, preferring different restaurants, television channels and even gaming systems across the aisle, according to a new report.

While Democrats say they most want a Jeep, Republicans would rather drive a BMW, according to brand consulting company Buyology Inc. Members of both political parties — 4,000 were surveyed — differ on the majority of the 200 brands included in the report.

The firm focuses on so-called neuromarketing and focuses on subconscious decision-making drivers to influence customer predilections for certain brands.

When it comes to insurance, Democrats head for Progressive while Republicans go for Allstate.

Other blue party preferences: Animal Planet when watching TV, Wendy’s when going out to eat, NFL when watching sports, Starbucks when grabbing coffee and Wii when playing video games.


Republicans, however, would rather go with the History Channel, Subway, MLB, Dunkin’ Donuts and XBOX.

There’s some bipartisanship, however. The donkey crew and the elephant gang both agree on some brands, including Coca-Cola as the best beverage, Visa as the top financial service, Google as the preferred Internet brand and Apple as the favored technology.

The two parties even match up on beauty brands — both like Olay.


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