‘The most interesting man in the world’ to host Obama fund-raiser


When he’s not plugging Dos Equis beer, the “most interesting man in the world” has an after-hours gig: stumping for Barack Obama’s reelection.

Actor Jonathan Goldsmith, who portrays the brew company’s mysterious and supremely accomplished spokesman, is hosting a fund-raiser for the president Tuesday in Burlington, Vt., according to the Political Party Time blog.

Tickets start at $20 and run up to $500. Vermont Speaker of the House Shap Smith will also attend.


If Dos Equis ads are to be believed, the 73-year-old Goldsmith has some great party tricks up his sleeve, including acing the Rorschach test, demonstrating his left and right-handedness and showing off the German shepherd he taught to bark in Spanish.

But the bearded Don Juan has to compete with other pitchmen with stakes in the election. Papa John’s Chief Executive John Schnatter recently hosted a private fundraiser for Mitt Romney at his Kentucky mansion.

No word on when Old Spice stud Isiah Mustafa plans to throw in his hat (not that he wears one).


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