California second only to New York in high taxes, study says

Californians pay the second-highest taxes in the nation, beat out only by New Yorkers.

That’s according to personal finance firm WalletHub, which took a look at how states stack up against each other when it comes to taxes.

The conclusion, which should come as no surprise to taxpayers: Where you live has a large effect on how much Uncle Sam takes from your pocketbook.

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Taxpayers in the states with the highest taxes pay about four times more than those in states with the lowest taxes, WalletHub said. Conservative states tend to impose lower taxes than their more liberal counterparts.


Those living in the Golden State shell out about $9,509 for state and local taxes, 36% more than the national average. New York residents pay $9,718, or nearly 40% more than what people pay on average in the country.

Wyoming imposes the lowest level of taxes on residents -- just $2,365, or 66% below the U.S. average. It is followed by Alaska ($2,791), Nevada ($3,370) and Florida ($3,648).

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Some Americans were also helped by states that levy no taxes in certain areas. Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon charge no sales taxes. Texas and Alaska are among the seven states that impose no income taxes.

And for those who imbibe -- Oregon charges the lowest alcohol taxes, just $2.40 per capita every year.


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