Hair brush dagger
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Weapons at the airport: TSA finds 10 scary surprises

Hair brush dagger
This dagger was hidden inside a hair brush at Kahului Airport Dillingham Airfield in Hawaii. (TSA)
Inactive Weapons
Shown here are some of the inactive weapons uncovered on airline travelers in 2013. (TSA)
Claymore mines
A set of Claymore mines used for training were confiscated from checked luggage at Guam’s A.B. Won Pat International Airport. (TSA)
Gun in stuffed toy
TSA agents found parts of a handgun hidden in three stuffed animals at T. F. Green International Airport in Warwick, R.I. (TSA)
Loaded pistol
A loaded .32 caliber Kel-Tec pistol was found in the carry-on bag of a passenger at Spokane International Airport in Washington state. (TSA)
Knife hidden in the hem of a skirt.
A passenger at Detroit’s Metropolitan Wayne County Airport had put a plastic knife in a skirt hemline. The weapon was detected by a full-body scanner. (TSA)
Enchilada knife
A passenger was found carrying a foil-wrapped serving of enchilada with a knife inside at Charles M. Schulz Airport in Sonoma County, California.  (TSA)
Monkey fist
TSA officials found a passenger traveling with a weapon called a monkey fist at the Mobile Regional Airport in Alabama. (TSA)
Suicide vest
A passenger tried to bring onboard a plane a suicide vest with inactive explosives at Indianapolis International Airport in March 2013. (TSA)
TSA agents at Denver’s airport pulled a tomahawk out of a carry-on bag. (Transportation Security Administration)