An airline reward program for travelers with fur and feathers

Where might your dog want to go for a vacation?

Korean Air last month launched Skypets, a loyalty program that may be the first in the industry to let pets earn rewards toward discounts or free flights.

Under the program, members of Korean Air’s loyalty reward program can sign up their pets to earn “stamps.” For every domestic flight the pet has flown within Korea, the animal gets one stamp. An animal can get two stamps for international flights, including flights from the U.S. Twelve stamps can be used to pay for all the pet fees charged on a domestic flight in Korea, while 24 stamp gets a free international flight.

JetBlue Airways and Virgin Atlantic also operate loyalty reward programs that give their members points for flying with pets, but those points can’t be redeemed toward free flights for the critter.

Like all other reward programs, Skypets has its restrictions: It applies only to dogs, cats and birds. Also, the stamps that are accumulated expire if not used within three years.


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