Los Angeles Times 5th-largest newspaper, circulation report says

The Los Angeles Times has the fifth-highest circulation among U.S. newspapers, based on new numbers from the Audit Bureau of Circulations.

In the six months ended Sept. 30, the Times’ average daily print and digital circulation was 572,998, down about 5% from 605,243 in the previous six-month period. The paper slipped from fourth place in the previous report by the nonprofit audit bureau.

In the just-released report, the Times’ Sunday circulation of 905,920 copies was the third-highest, though down more than 4% from 948,889.

The circulation report put the Wall Street Journal at the top of U.S. newspapers, with a total average circulation of nearly 2.1 million. This was followed by USA Today with nearly 1.8 million, the New York Times with 1.1 million and the New York Daily News with nearly 606,000.

The San Jose Mercury News, New York Post, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune and Dallas Morning News rounded out the top 10.


The New York Times had the top Sunday circulation of 1.6 million, according to the bureau.

Newspapers continue to explore ways to make money from digital versions of their content. The Wall Street Journal reported a digital circulation of 537,000. In a statement, the paper said that was an increase of nearly 20% compared with the same period last year.

The New York Times, which began charging in March for unlimited access to its website, reported a digital circulation of 537,000.

In addition to subscriptions to websites, the digital circulation figures also included readers who registered the publications’ mobile apps and or used their e-reader versions.