82% of new iPad owners ‘very satisfied’ with purchase, study says

There has been a flurry of griping about the new iPad online, but how do people who bought the new iPad feel about it?

You might sum it up like this: Love the iPad, don’t like the price.

In a new study released Monday, ChangeWave Research found that 82% of people who bought the new iPad say they are “very satisfied” with the tablet, and 16% say they are “somewhat satisfied.” As for the number of people who are “very unsatisfied”? That would be zero.

ChangeWave surveyed 200 new owners of the iPad to find out how they felt about their purchase and their key likes and dislikes.


When asked “What do you like best about your new iPad?” 72% of new owners cited the high resolution “Retina” display. Twenty-two percent said they like the long battery life, 21% said they liked the 4G LTE capability, and 20% said they liked the speed of the device. 

Only 18% said they like the new 5-megapixel iSight camera.

When it came to dislikes, the issues seemed to center on the amount of money you have to shell out to enjoy the iPad. Twenty-six percent of respondents said the thing they liked least about the new iPad is how much it costs to buy, and 23% said they didn’t like the cost of the data plan.

As for the much-hyped heating issue? It doesn’t seem to bother most consumers. Eighty-nine percent of new iPad owners say they haven’t experienced any problem with that.



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