Samantha Brick goes viral: Isn’t she lovely? Annoyed people say ‘no’


video platform video management video solutions video playerSamantha Brick has discovered that when you write about your own good looks, people will not react well.

The backlash from her Daily Mail column, “There Are Downsides to Looking This Pretty,” has gone viral. And this week, the British woman spoke about the evidence of the vitriol on ABC’s “Good Morning America” -- “the thousands of vile messages I’ve had on Twitter, the thousands of vile emails I’ve had to my personal account, the messages I’ve had on my own answerphone.”

It just goes to show, she says, how jealous women are.

Brick wrote in her Daily Mail column that she’s gotten positive attention from men -- free drinks from bartenders, flowers as she’s strolling along, cab fare paid -- and negative attention from women -- she’s been dropped by friends who don’t want their men in the same room with her; she’s had female bosses who have barred her from promotions.

She’s never been a bridesmaid because the brides-to-be couldn’t handle it. (Luckily for Ali Larter, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel and other fairly pretty bridesmaids, their friends weren’t that squeamish.)

The story she tells isn’t particularly involving or thrilling. So what’s caused the uproar? It’s the perceived vanity and lack of humility. It seems as though a whole lot of people want to knock her down a peg.

As she said on “GMA”: “Do I think I’m attractive? [Quietly] Yes.”

Openly finding yourself so attractive isn’t really ... attractive. It’s self-confidence, she told the morning show, and that has been mistaken for arrogance.

Online, Blippitt says Brick’s photos had become so popular, “they’ve practically broken the Internet.” And the general reaction to her looks among commenters is, this is it?

The topic caught fire on Twitter with #samanthabrickfacts, where tweeters have taken humorous jabs at the Brit.

“I just went starbucks and when they asked my name to collect to my drink-I said “Samantha Brick” I didnt have to pay” (Daniel Wager).

“Samantha Brick ... The Most Beautiful girl in ANY World.” (Jimmy Goldsmith).

“Webster’s dictionary defines beauty as Samantha Brick” (Leo Manalo).

The Samantha Brick uproar is a decided contrast to the “Am I Pretty or Ugly” online videos in which girls seek affirmation and often get a dose of confidence-smashing feedback.

Brick, however, seems to be loaded up on confidence.


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Samantha Brick: Isn’t she lovely? Annoyed people say ‘no’