Six Flags Magic Mountain adds Slurpees, fried Snickers and more

Imagine chowing down on pizza and washing it down with a Slurpee, followed by a deep-fried Snickers and some funnel cake covered in crispy bacon and maple cream.

Now imagine finishing up the day by jumping on more than a dozen high-speed roller coasters.

For teenagers, this may sound like the makings of a great day. For most adults, it’s a recipe for extreme nausea.

Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia is launching into this year’s peak spring and summer seasons with several new menu items for guests, including Slurpees, the blended ice drinks that -- until now -- were sold exclusively at 7-Eleven convenient stores.


The new food items are an example of a nationwide trend among theme parks to boost food sales by expanding the menu. Food sales generate at least 17% of revenue at theme parks, according to the International Assn. of Amusement Parks and Attractions.

A few years ago, Universal Studios Hollywood upgraded its food choices, adding such items as tuna salad sandwiches with muenster cheese and pickled red onions and tossed salads with homemade mozzarella.

Six Flags seems to be moving in a different direction by adding such choices as deep-fried Snickers, deep-fried Twinkies and deep-fried ice cream, all sold at a Six Flags snack shop called “What the Fry.”

A bakery at the theme park added a new type of funnel cake this year, sprinkled with bacon and slathered in maple cream. Gourmet hot dogs and a new pizza vendor have also been added at the park this year.


“We want to offer our guests a variety of unique food items that they can’t get anywhere else,” said park spokeswoman Sue Carpenter.


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