MyLife revamps to be the hub of your digital life


You’ve got mail on Yahoo and GMail, updates in Facebook, mentions on Twitter and connections on LinkedIn. So many windows, so little bandwidth.

Now people-search company MyLife wants to offer you a single door to open your digital life.

“The demand is very clear,” CEO Jeffrey Tinsley told The Times in an interview. “It’s an idea whose time has really come.”


The site offers users a simplified dashboard that pulls together in one section messages directed at you -- email, Facebook timeline posts, Twitter mentions and comments on your content. In another section, you get a glance at what’s being shared, and it lets you share on a specific social platform.

Tinsley said the company poured millions of dollars into building this up over the last year. That included gobbling up Threadsy, an integrated communication client that provided the infrastructure and technology to combine email and your social networking sites into a single unified destination.

The company is also dropping about $25 million on an ad campaign to help explain how much you need a single hub to manage your life in bits and bytes.

The new MyLife, employing a freemium model akin to LinkedIn, will allow users to access their GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL accounts as well as their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. (MyLife will support the new email as well, according to Tinsley, but no word yet on the timing.)

Tinsley said the Android app is already updated with what he called “MyLife 2.0.” The iOS app will likely get the update in a week or so, he said.

MyLife, which launched in 2002 as, currently boasts 60 million registered users, Tinsley said.


This is just one step toward the ultimate goal to “help people connect with the ‘right’ people” in their home life, careers, health and finances, Tinsley said.

“We hope to help people get more out of their relationships,” he said, giving the example of needing to find the right plumber at one point and connect with a long lost relative at another. “This is a significant step forward toward that.”

After all, MyLife is a people-search company. Connecting the dots for them on their platform takes a little bit of the search out of the endeavor.


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