Is this what the iPhone 5’s charger cables will look like?


The iPhone has long been rumored to be getting a smaller dock connector for its upcoming new version, and now the first pictures of what the updated charger cable may look like have hit the Web., a Chinese electronics website, has tweeted the above picture of an alleged iPhone 5 cable more than a dozen times in the past day.

The picture is accompanied by the message “For iphone5 USB cable Welcome visit,” but there’s no official confirmation this is the real thing.


Rumor roundup: The new iPhone

Though it isn’t at all certain this image is of a real iPhone 5 charger cable, it is in line with rumors about the dock.

Many sources have said the new dock will slim down from 30 pins to as little as eight. And the cable shown at appears to fit with other images going around the Web of the supposed connector.

But then again, a picture like this one could have easily been Photoshopped, or the company might have just built its own cable and passed it off as legit to get some clicks.

A new dock is not the only change expected on the next iPhone.

The device, rumored to be announced on Sept. 12, will supposedly also have a larger screen and 4G connectivity. The phone may also get slimmer.



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