CES 2013: Samsung hints at ‘unprecedented’ TV design


Samsung this weekend teased what it’ll have on display next week at CES, and it appears the South Korean tech giant will be showing some new TV designs.

In a blog post Sunday, the company said it would be showing off an “unprecedented new TV shape and timeless design,” according to a translation by The Verge.

Along with the short text, the company also posted a picture, which can be seen above, showing a tree in a desert landscape. The tree is centered in a vertically oriented rectangular frame resembling a television screen.



It’s unclear what exactly Samsung could be readying for the show, but that hasn’t kept people from guessing.

Some say Samsung’s “unprecedented” TV could be a transparent portrait design, meaning the screen is see-through and the set is vertically oriented.

We’ll find out soon enough. CES is set to kick off next week, with media events as early as Sunday.


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