Valentine’s Day Google Doodle: Sweet, innocent, pro-gay marriage?

The Valentine’s Day Google Doodle is pure sweetness. A one-minute animation, drawn with childlike innocence, it depicts a little boy trying to figure out what to get for his heart’s desire — a little girl who jumps rope.

He buys her flowers, and chocolates (via Google, of course), but she pays no attention. He tries clothes, and balloons, a pie and a television, a top hat, an old-fashioned submarine helmet, and still she continues to jump rope, oblivious to his overtures.

As a last-ditch effort he walks over to her with his own jump rope clutched in his hands and starts to jump rope alongside her. And then -- she stops jumping. She looks. She smiles. Then she hugs him. And the next thing you know? They are jumping rope together.

Ahh, young love.

It’s a genuine warm message of nonmaterialism and the power of shared experience that Google is putting out there to the world -- all to Tony Bennett’s rendition of “Cold, Cold Heart.”

But buried in the animation is another message -- one that appears to support gay marriage. After our little couple has found love through jump ropes, the video continues with a montage of other couples -- an alien and an astronaut, a dog and a cat, a princess and a frog, milk and cookies, and two guys dressed in tuxedos holding hands.


A gay-marriage reference? Almost certainly.

This Google Doodle was a Valentine not just to Google’s millions of daily users, but also to gay marriage supporters everywhere.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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