Nearly half of Mac owners still run Snow Leopard


Though Apple just released its latest version of Mac OS X, Mountain Lion, many users still haven’t even adopted Lion, its predecessor, and are actually running 2009’s Snow Leopard.

Almost half of all Mac users, or 45.5%, still run Snow Leopard as opposed to Lion, which has a near-35% adoption rate.

Snow Leopard was the last Apple operating system to not be distributed solely through Apple’s Mac App Store -- it still came in a disc.


But despite Lion costing the same amount as Snow Leopard and seemingly being quicker to install as no disc was necessary, most users have held on to Snow Leopard, which was largely an under-the-hood performance upgrade from its predecessor, Leopard.

However, Mountain Lion could soon take up the second-place spot.

GigaOM reports the latest Mac operating system is already on track to speed by Lion after just two days on the market. Though its adoption rate is only at 3.2%, its pace is set to overtake Lion.

The reason for the faster adoption rate is twofold. First, Mountain Lion is $10 cheaper than Lion, and second, Mountain Lion has been getting good reviews as opposed to Lion, which “was a confusing cacophony of new features,” according to GigaOM.

Whether Mountain Lion can take down Snow Leopard remains to be seen.


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