Is Apple looking into changeable camera parts for the iPhone?

Apple has received a patent for a removable panel that allows for camera configuration for a device that looks like an iPhone.

The patent was awarded by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office on Thursday. Design drawings show what looks like the back panel of an iPhone that can be removed to allow access for optic modifications of a camera.

What isn’t clear is what device the patent is for. In its summary, the patent doesn’t mention the iPhone or any specific device. It only mentions a mobile phone in its background. That leaves the possibility that the patent could be for the iPhone, iPod Touch, a standalone camera or a totally different device.

But keep in mind also that most of Apple’s patents never even make it to the market.


Patently Apple, which reported the patent, points out that this wouldn’t be the company’s first stab at patents for different camera lenses for the iPhone, but it is the first one that actually features an elegant design, a distinguishing feature of most Apple products.

“Today’s design seems to properly address the need for better portable device optical options while retaining an Apple-like form factor,” the site said.

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