Apple quietly releases iPad Smart Case following WWDC

Apple launched and announced a lot of new stuff last week at its Worldwide Developers Conference, but afterward it quietly made a few other changes too, including releasing a new case for the iPad.

The iPad Smart Case went on sale on Apple’s website after WWDC’s keynote ended, which is around the same time other changes went into effect as well, including a minorly improved new line of Mac Pros.

The new iPad Smart Case is like the Smart Cover released last year with the iPad 2 but fully encloses the iPad around its back as well.

The case goes for $49 and is available in six colors, according to Apple’s website. At that range, the Smart Case is $10 more expensive than the older Smart Cover is.


Following WWDC, Apple also discontinued its line of 17-inch MacBook Pro computers, released a new version of its AirPort Wi-Fi router and gave the Mac Pros a minor boost.

Apple also announced upcoming changes for iOS 6, which will debut in the fall. Among the new features for iOS 6 is Siri coming to the iPad.


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