Twitter account pokes fun at Zooey Deschanel’s Siri commercial

Is that rain?

Yes, it appears to be raining a storm of tweets making fun of Zooey Deschanel’s ubiquitious commercial for the iPhone in which she quizzes Siri. And the bulk of them are coming from one Twitter account.

Zooey Asks Siri, or @ZooeySiri, began tweeting in early May and is dedicated entirely to making fun of the Deschanel/Siri commercial at least two times a day but normally more like five times.

And the account has gained quite a following, amassing more than 27,000 followers thanks to tweets like “Siri, what do you think it’s like to have whiskers?” and “Siri, what is ‘I only have nickels’ in Spanish?” which both received more than 100 retweets.


“This all is still very strange to me,” said Curtis Dickerson, the man behind the tweets. “It just blew up, and I’m still trying to get my head around it. Twenty-seven thousand is a lot of people.”

Dickerson, a 22-year-old recent graduate of Miami of Ohio University, said he began posting the tweets after watching the Siri commercial for the first time.

“It’s that rain question,” said Dickerson, noting the ridiculousness of the commercial which starts with Deschanel asking Siri if it is raining when it is clearly raining.

Since the commercial, Dickerson has gone on to post more than 300 fake Deschanel questions for Siri.

His favorite tweets were a series on May 18 in which “Zooey” is asking Siri to write down jokes she’s preparing for an open mic comedy night.

“Siri, make a note: ‘And what’s the deal with rain? It’s like a shower that you DON’T want!’” he said in one of the tweets.

As for how he comes up with so many, Dickerson, who’s currently a bartender, admitted, “I kind of just get drunk and write 30, and then keep the good ones.”

“I try to take something weird and then add something else weird to it,” he said. “So its like a combo of two weird things together.”

“Siri, could you fill a water bed with Sangria?” which was tweeted on May 12, is a perfect example of the weird-on-weird approach.

As for Deschanel herself, Dickerson said he doesn’t have anything against her but isn’t into any of the things she’s done either. However, he said he has no idea what he would do if she ever tweeted at him or contacted him somehow.

Regardless, Dickerson said he realizes that the account will only be funny for so long and said he doesn’t really hope to get anything out of it.

“I don’t have an end game with this thing,” he said. “I started it because I thought it’d be funny, and it seems like people think it’s funny, which is great and very flattering.”


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