Facebook to let users opt out of Sponsored Stories


As part of its settlement in a class-action lawsuit, Facebook will allow users to opt out of its Sponsored Stories ads, which include users’ Likes, names and pictures.

Facebook reportedly agreed to a settlement last month, and news came this week that the social network will pay $10 million to a charity as part of the settlement. That’s in addition to the $10 million it will pay for the plaintiff attorneys’ fees.

Also part of the settlement: changes to Facebook’s advertisements.

The Menlo Park company is to give users more notice and information regarding their appearance in ads and other forms of sponsored content. The changes will be in force for at least two years, according to Reuters.


In addition to making information more easily accessible, Facebook must give users the ability to “prevent individual interactions and other content from appearing in additional Sponsored Stories,” according to court documents.

The lawsuit began last year, when five Facebook users sued the social networking giant alleging that the Sponsored Stories benefited from Facebook users’ Likes without giving them compensation or a chance to opt out.

If successful, it could have caused billions of dollars in losses for the social network, according to Reuters.

Facebook declined to comment.


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