Survey: 59% of people would reach into a toilet to retrieve phone


What if you accidentally dropped your phone into the toilet?

Would you grab for it?

Well if you would, don’t be embarrassed. Well maybe be embarrassed, but least know that you aren’t alone.

A new survey shows that 59% of smartphone owners say they would reach into the toilet for their phone, and that isn’t the only crazy thing they’d do if they were faced with the prospect of losing their device.

The survey shows that about three in five people would turn to questionable methods to retrieve their phones. A specific example is going through the garbage if their phone got lost, which 63% of people said they would do.


Some said they’d put themselves in harm’s way for their phones. This includes 25% saying they would fight a thief, 17% saying they would venture onto a train track or into a tunnel for their phone and 12% saying they would even run into traffic to get their device back.

Also in the survey were some statistics about where people lose their phones. More than half of the survey’s respondents said they have lost their phones on public transportation and nearly a quarter have left them at a bar or club.

When it comes to damage, a quarter of parents have had their children break a phone while almost 30% have spilled a drink on it or dropped it down a flight of stairs.

And as far as what people would rather do than be with their phone, the results were just as depressing. More than one in 10 said they’d rather leave home without pants and more than half of women said they’d rather leave home without makeup than their phone.

The survey was conducted by Kelton Research for T-Mobile, which is promoting a new insurance program.

And in case you’re wondering what the chances of your phone falling into a toilet are, one in five respondents said it has happened to them.


What about you. Would your phone be worth a disgusting memory and embarrassing story?


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