Could Facebook be testing a ‘Want’ button?


A developer says he has discovered new wording in Facebook’s code that indicates the social network could be testing or readying a “Want” button.

The developer, Tom Waddington, said the button’s code appeared in Facebook’s Javascript SDK as a tag that reads “,” and he has somehow gotten it to show up on his website, although it’s still a work in progress.

The button looks like Facebook’s Like button and all its other buttons in that it has blue wording on top of a light blue bubble, but it also includes an icon with a plus button, based off of the one on Waddington’s website. If you click it now, it’ll say your name followed by “wants this.” However, it’ll also give you a very red “Error” message.


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Inside Facebook points out that third-party Facebook developers have built Want buttons for their websites already, but those require users to accept their Facebook app before they can start using them. A Want button directly for the Menlo Park. Calif., company would ease the process for any commerce sites.

A Want button would also be helpful for Facebook in that it could allow the social network to differentiate between what you Like, which could be both items you have already as well as those you are looking to get, and what you Want, which are likely things you are in the market for.

The button does not show up among Facebook’s listed buttons, and the company has not responded to a request for comment and additional information.

Discovery of a Facebook button comes shortly after news also broke that Facebook is working on a rebuilt iPhone app designed to be quicker. That app is expected to arrive in July.

Meanwhile, Facebook also updated two of its mobile apps -- Messenger and Pages Manager -- earlier this week.



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