Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spotted on vacation in China

The world-famous Mark Zuckerberg can’t really go anywhere incognito anymore.

This time Facebook’s globe-trotting chief executive has been spotted in China. Chinese paparazzi snapped pics of Zuckerberg with girlfriend Priscilla Chan around Shanghai. Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook is also paying a visit to China.

Facebook said Zuckerberg is on vacation.

Zuckerberg has traveled to China before and was rumored to have met with the populous country’s Internet players Alibaba, Baidu and Sina.


Right now the so-called Great Firewall of China prevents users from accessing their Facebook wall. In a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Facebook estimated that it has 0% penetration in China.

Facebook, on the verge of an initial public stock offering that will make it one of the world’s most richly valued companies, has wrestled with whether it should to try to gain a toehold there. Zuckerberg has disagreed with his second-in-command, Sheryl Sandberg, over expanding the business into China, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. Sandberg is reportedly worried about the compromises Facebook would have to make with government censors to do business in China.

Beijing officials have monitored rebellions in the Middle East and the role Facebook and Twitter played in them.

“We continue to evaluate entering China,” Facebook said in a filing with the SEC. “However, this market has substantial legal and regulatory complexities that have prevented our entry into China to date.”



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