Samsung ships 5 million Galaxy Note tablet-smartphone hybrid devices

Samsung has shipped 5 million units of its Galaxy Note hybrid device, the South Korean electronics giant said.

The Note was announced last year by the company and hit AT&T stores last month with the intention of trailblazing a new market, as the device is larger than most smartphones but not quite as big as typical tablets.

The device, which comes with a stylus called the “S Pen,” comes with an 8 megapixel rear camera, can shoot in 1080p and has a 5.3-inch touchscreen with 1280x800 pixel resolution. The Note runs Android’s Gingerbread OS.

“It combines core on-the-go benefits of various mobile devices while maintaining smartphone portability, to create a whole new user experience,” the company said in September.


Samsung has been selling the hybrid device in other countries since October. Next month, it will continue the Note’s push into other countries by entering the Japanese market. The phone will be supported by the country’s largest mobile carrier, NTT Docomo, according to a news release by Samsung.

But the Note’s shipment numbers don’t look too favorable for Samsung when compared with other products. The company’s own Galaxy S II smartphone moved twice as many units in its first six months, according to the Verge, while the new iPad released earlier this month sold 3 million units in its first weekend alone. In all, Apple has sold more than 60 million iPads.

What do you think? Have you bought a Note and are loving it? Or are you happy with keeping your mobile and tablet needs on separate devices? Let us know in the comments.


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