Photos of alleged new iPhone surface, along with new 3-D maps app

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Purported images of the sixth-generation iPhone have leaked onto the Web and show a slightly redesigned phone with numerous small changes.

The leaked photos show frames for the front of the iPhone that would seem to validate reports of a longer screen. The photos show the iPhone’s screen will retain its width but will be a little taller to accommodate a near four-inch screen.

The back frame of the alleged next iPhone also appears and shows a slightly changed design that includes metal plating on the back, according to the photos, which were obtained by 9 to 5 Mac from “supply-chain sources.”


The photos also show that the back frame appears to be molded together with the antenna band, which gives the phone a stronger cover that is also thinner, lighter and allows more room for parts inside the phone, according to 9 to 5 Mac.

Other changes to the iPhone shown in the pictures include a new, smaller dock connector on the bottom, redesigned speaker grills and a relocated headphone jack, which now looks as if it is placed on the bottom of the phone.

The iPhone also looks as if it has a new opening between its back camera lens and the LED flash, which 9 to 5 Mac believes could be a relocated microphone opening for better audio recording. The front camera also looks as if it’s been moved from the left of the earpiece to above it and centered.

Along with leaked photos of what may be the next iPhone, photos of a redesigned iOS maps app also surfaced Tuesday. The website BGR said it received photos of the new app, which will include 3-D mapping, from one of its trusted sources.

Check out the pics, but remember: Apple is one of the most secretive companies in the world, and the pictures could easily be fakes.



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