As Skyfall opens, a look at pioneering tech from Bond films

In the latest James Bond film, “Skyfall,” 007 faces off against a cyber terrorist. But despite having a high-tech hacker for a villain, the film is otherwise technologically deprived.

That’s making us nostalgic for Bond films of the past that were often filled with gee-whiz gadgetry. Here are our favorites along with those of the stars of “Skyfall,” including James Bond himself, Daniel Craig.

1. The Bell Rocket Belt from “Thunderball,” otherwise known as a jetpack


Perhaps no Bond gadget is as memorable as 007’s jetpack used in the film “Thunderball.” Bond uses the gadget to escape from a tricky situation, but with a jetpack attached to his back and a helmet on his head, he comes off a bit silly. That blend of a spy gadget, futuristic tech and just a hint of humor makes the Rocket Belt a classic.

2. Aston Martin DB5 “Goldfinger”

Bond’s vehicle in “Goldfinger,” the Aston Martin, sets the bar for all future 007 cars to come. The Aston Martin, besides looking amazing, was packed with all sorts of weapons. It had revolving plates, hubcaps that also happened to be tire slashers, an ejector seat, bulletproof shield, oil slick sprayers and smoke that came out of the back and, of course, machine guns on the front. You can check out the car in action below.

3. Cellphone from “Tomorrow Never Dies”

Bond wasn’t exactly carrying a smartphone in “Tomorrow Never Dies,” but the cellphone he had still has many features that you won’t find on the iPhone 5 or the Galaxy S III. What, you might ask? How about a fingerprint scanner, a Taser, and a lock pin. Not to mention it could be used as a remote control for a BMW 750iL.

4. Daniel Craig’s pick: Anything from the Sean Connery era

In an interview with The Times, Craig said he isn’t the biggest fan of gadgets -- saying he doesn’t get attached to smartphones -- but he did enjoy the gadgets used in the Sean Connery era of Bond films.

“He’d pull a box out of his pocket and stick it on something and press a button and a red light would go on,” he said. “And you go ‘Wow, what’s that?’”

One of Connery’s best gadgets wasn’t exactly a box, but it was a briefcase that had a throwing knife and would shoot out tear gas if opened incorrectly. Inside, there was also a rifle.

5. Naomie Harris and Berenice Marlohe’s pick: The invisible Aston Martin Vanquish from “Die Another Day”

The Vanquish in “Die Another Day” had the ability to go invisible and give Bond cover should he need to spy on his enemies. But if it was up to Marlohe and Harris, the Bond girls in “Skyfall,” they’d also have given the Aston Martin the ability to fly.


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