YouTube: App update with full-screen mode for iPhone 5 coming

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If you own an iPhone 5, then there’s a good chance you haven’t found the YouTube app very useful. YouTube says that’ll change soon.

Currently, the app is designed for prior generation of iPhones with 3.5-inch screens, not for the larger 4.0-inch screen on the iPhone 5. That means that when using the app, there’s no way to watch a full-screen video because it isn’t built to fill the iPhone 5’s display.

This same goes for the fifth-generation iPod Touch, which came out last month and also has an increased display size.


Fortunately, YouTube has told The Times that an updated version of the iPhone and iPod Touch app is on its way and will be optimized for the larger screen size.

The Google-owned video service did not specify a time frame for the app update, but YouTube assured us it is coming, as is a previously announced app built specifically for the iPad.

As on the iPhone 5 and newest iPod Touch, the current YouTube app isn’t capable of filling the screen on the iPad when put into full-screen mode. Additionally, if you try watching a YouTube video on the iPad by doing so in a browser app instead of the YouTube app, the video will fill most of the screen, but the browser’s URL and search bar will remain.

No time line has been set for the iPad app either, but it’s good to hear that YouTube is working to remedy the problem.


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