Apple hits milestone, approves 1 millionth mobile app, report says

A screenshot of Apple's iOS App Store on an iPhone 5.
(Salvador Rodriguez/Los Angeles Times)

Apple has approved 1 million mobile apps for its iOS App Store, according to a company that tracks downloadable software.

Only 736,247 apps are currently live, but since Apple launched its App Store in 2008, 1 million apps have been approved and made available for download, according to a report by the Next Web, which cites information from Appsfire, an app discovery and promotion platform.

The number of live apps is lower than the number of approved apps because some apps have been taken down by their developers and or by Apple, according to the Next Web.


Paid apps account for about 493,000 of the apps approved to date and 336,000 of the current apps, the report says. Games account for about 159,000 of all approved apps and 120,000 current apps.

Appsfire is counting only those apps built for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, excluding apps built for Mac computers.

Apple has probably reviewed many more than 1 million apps because it doesn’t approve all apps that are submitted to it. Appsfire doesn’t track the number of rejected apps, the Next Web says.


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