AT&T; selling refurbished iPhone 5 for $99

AT&T; is selling refurbished versions of the iPhone 5 for as low as $99.

AT&T; has begun selling what could be the first refurbished versions of the iPhone 5, and they’re going for as much as $100 off the regular price.

The Texas-based carrier lists its refurbished iPhone 5 models as $99 for the base 16 GB model, $199 for the 32 GB model and $299 for the 64 GB version of the smartphone.


The phones are available in black or white versions. To get the price, you must be eligible for an upgrade or be a new customer and sign up for a new two-year contract. The units come much earlier and for much cheaper than had been anticipated.

After the phone made its launch in late September, a report came out saying that refurbished versions would likely not arrive until at least January. It also said that refurbished prices would likely be only $50 off the normal price.

If you’re interested in the refurbished iPhone 5, you may want to pick it up fast. It’s not clear if this is simply a Black Friday special or something AT&T; plans to offer for the long run.


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