Airline seating is getting tighter [Google+ Hangout]


Americans may be getting fatter, but economy seating on airlines is getting tighter.

Legroom on airplanes is going the way of free checked bags, pillows and in-flight meals, travel reporter Hugo Martin writes. If you want more room, get ready to pay for it.

Join us for a live video chat at 2 p.m. PDT about the trend. Martin will be talking with Jan Breuckner, a UC Irvine professor who has studied airlines, and Barry Biffle, chief marketing officer of Spirit Airlines.

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While the cheapest seats are getting tighter, cash-strapped airlines are charging premiums for a new category of roomier economy seats with catchy names like “The Big Front Seat” and “Economy Plus.”

Spirit’s “Big Front Seat,” with six extra inches of legroom, costs an extra $12 to $199, depending on the length of the flight.

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